Bent Bøgedal Christoffersen f.1948 in Copenhagen Denmark

Lives since 2005 in Lövestad in Skåne Sweden.
Contemporary multi-artist, sound artist, musician, composer, soundpainter
sculptor and performer.
Educated at Fröbel High School Copenhagen, Denmark

with Drama and Theatre as his Thesis.
Certified therapist from The Martin Kirchenbaum institute.
Electronic Self-taught ."Arduino". Super User Ableton Live and Reaper.
Has in recent years created live performance and installations where sound is
included in  Sweden ,Germany, U.S.A and Croatia. either solo or in collaboration with other artists.

Member of the Board Kulturföreningen Triennal. Homepage
Member of Skulpturföreningen Lövestad Sweden

Member of K.I.S  Kultur i Sjöbo